Dave’s Announcement

Dave Walker for Governor Committee Announcement
July 10, 2017

When I created my Exploratory Committee in April 2017, I set three criteria for determining if, and if so when, I would convert from an Exploratory Committee to a Campaign Committee. Like several other current and past candidates, I made it clear from the outset that I was only interested in the office of Governor. My three conversion criteria were:

1). Did my background and proposed agenda resonate with a broad cross section of the public such that a majority of the people that I met with believed I was the best qualified person to be the next Governor of Connecticut in these challenging times?

2). Did I believe that I would be able to qualify for voluntary public financing or raise even more funds for a potential campaign through the traditional campaign financing approach?

3). Was my wife, Mary, and my family, willing to support a conversion from an Exploratory Committee to a Candidate Committee given the additional amount of effort and degree of public scrutiny that would come with such a conversion?

Based on my activities to-date, the enthusiasm with which my potential candidacy and policy proposals have been received, the recognition that my background is unique and particularly well suited to address the serious fiscal and other challenges facing our state, our very successful fundraising results to-date and projected related activities, and after further discussions with my wife and family this past weekend, I have decided that these criteria have now been met.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that I am seeking the Republican nomination for Governor of Connecticut, effective immediately. We have filed the appropriate paperwork to create the Dave Walker for Governor Candidate Committee.

After engaging in a broad range of public and private activities since April, it is clear to me that a significant majority of the people of Connecticut now understand that our state is in serious trouble. It is also clear that my over 40 years of successful leadership experience in all three sectors of the economy and my proven government transformation and financial restructuring experience is unique among current and potential candidates. It is also clear that most people are tired of professional politicians and want a proven problem solver with significant experience with large and complex government organizations to lead a CT Turnaround Team. 2018 may be our last chance to save the Constitution State from further decline. As a result, merit will matter in 2018! We can all “Win With Walker!”

Dave Walker for CT Exploratory Committee Announcement
April 5, 2017

Connecticut is at a critical crossroads. During the past 30 years our state has gone from a leader to a laggard in far too many categories. According to the latest PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) State Financial Position Index, Connecticut ranks number 47 of 50 states in relative financial position and it is in the bottom tier of states for competitiveness. In addition, both businesses and individuals have been “voting with their feet” for a number of years. Shockingly, the Constitution State’s total population is now declining!

From a personal perspective, I am a husband, father, and grandfather. Like many of my fellow citizens in Connecticut, my wife Mary and I have experienced a significant decline in the value of our home, and a significant increase in our property tax burdens, due to poor leadership, and failed policies at the state level and in our city.

The status quo in Connecticut and in several of our cities is both unacceptable and unsustainable. We need to take dramatic actions to grow the economy, create more job opportunities, enhance our state’s competitive posture, improve our critical infrastructure, strengthen integrity in government, restore power to the people, address our troubled cities, and put our state’s finances in order.

Achieving a turnaround in Connecticut will require extraordinary leadership from a Governor with the right experience, high energy, total commitment, personal credibility, and strong communication skills, coupled with a proven track record of success in transforming large and complex organizations. It will also require a leadership team committed to making tough choices, and the ability to bring people together across party lines to solve problems. All of this is needed to turn our state around, and create a better future.

Career politicians and a state legislature dominated by one party for many years caused our state’s decline. Traditional politicians and individuals with no meaningful government executive experience will not be able to turn our state around. Having direct experience in making positive change happen in government is important and much more difficult to achieve than in the private sector. I know this based on my direct leadership experience in all three sectors of our economy.

I am a professional problem solver, and a performance, accountability, transformation and turnaround specialist. I am also an independent minded and inclusive person, who focuses on progress rather than partisanship, and results rather than rhetoric.

My qualifications include leading and transforming organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors of our economy. I have been honored to receive Presidential appointments from Presidents Reagan, Bush (41) and Clinton and was confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate each time when different political parties controlled the Senate. I have been fortunate to win a number of domestic and international leadership awards, including from two heads of state and two Cabinet Secretaries, and to be inducted into two international Halls of Fame for my accomplishments.

When I ran for Lt. Governor (LG) in 2014, the number one question that I received from editorial boards, the press, political activists and the public was – “Why aren’t you running for Governor?” I was fortunate to win the endorsement of every publication that endorsed an LG candidate as well as a number of current and former high ranking GOP elected officials.

The New Haven Register’s endorsement of me said, “Walker has more experience than the other candidates for lieutenant governor and governor, from both political parties combined, in dealing with the single biggest issue facing Connecticut.”

During the past two plus years I have worked as a Senior Strategic Advisor for PwC Public Sector and with top government and business leaders both internationally and domestically to transform government organizations, improve their performance and accountability, and help them restructure their finances. Connecticut needs to address all of these issues and many other challenges.

My work with PwC and other activities since 2014 have made me even more qualified for the position of Governor. Therefore, given the continued poor competitive posture and financial position of our state, and with encouragement from many people, I am establishing an Exploratory Committee for the Office of Governor of the State of Connecticut. During the balance of this calendar year I will engage in a range of conversations with business, community and political leaders as well as many other citizens in Connecticut to hear their concerns, and discuss how we can work together to create a better future.

My engagement efforts during the coming months will focus on three key turnaround objectives: 1) Achieving Additional Economic Growth and Individual Opportunity; 2) Enhancing Public Integrity and Accountability, ;and 3) Assuring Fiscal Responsibility and Sustainability.

I will also begin taking steps to qualify for the state’s voluntary public financing program. My Finance Committee is confident that we will qualify for the voluntary Citizen’s Election Program (CEP) well in advance of May 2018.
Please take the time to find out more about my background and planned future activities. You can find that information at www.DaveWalkerCT.com. Please also consider making a contribution of up to $100 per person to help create a turnaround in Connecticut. You can do so on the web site.

In closing, I can offer three things that Connecticut has been lacking for far too long: Leadership, Integrity and Results. I am confident in my ability to lead a Connecticut Turnaround Team that will make both businesses and individuals want to be in Connecticut rather than flee our state. If I decide to become an official candidate for Governor, I am committed to running a referendum oriented, solutions focused, and team based campaign, and to earning the support of voters of all political persuasions. This type of Commitment to Connecticut is what it will take to win in 2018, and to create a better future in Connecticut.