Dave’s Commitments to Connecticut

Dave’s Commitments to Connecticut

Increase Economic Growth and Individual Opportunity

  • Provide regulatory relief
  • Achieve comprehensive tax reform (e.g., corporate, gift, estate, individual and property)
  • Make meaningful investments in infrastructure and pursue alternative funding approaches, including electronic tolling for out of state vehicles
  • Pursue energy pricing and oversight reforms
  • Revise arbitration standards
  • Revise the state education funding formula to make it more equitable
  • Establish an ongoing CEO level advisory council comprised of the Governor and top business, non-profit, municipal government and other leaders.

Enhance Public Integrity and Accountability:

  • Adopt a two term limit for Governor
  • Provide a right to recall certain elected officials
  • Adopt tougher conflict of interest rules
  • Prevent certain felons from holding a new public office, including those convicted of public corruption
  • Assure the integrity of state trust funds
  • Revise the voluntary state election funding rules
  • Implement Municipal Accountability Boards to achieve needed restructuring of financially troubled municipalities outside of bankruptcy, as appropriate

Achieve Fiscal Responsibility and Sustainability:

  • Operationalize the state Constitutional spending cap based on net state spending
  • Eliminate dual delivery of state welfare services
  • Revise welfare eligibility rules and review work requirements
  • Pursue shared services, Public/Private Partnerships and privatization options
  • Adopt High Performing Organization approaches
  • Achieve employee classification and compensation reform, including an equitable and sustainable restructuring of current retirement programs
  • Limit the term of bargaining agreements and require legislative approval of all major state labor contracts